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History of Water Ski

Have you ever wondered when someone glides over water elegantly and you have wished to do the same? Nova WaterSkiing is not too hard to learn, with a little effort, proper preparation and tips by our experts can easily make you enjoy this fascinating watersport to the fullest! All you need to do is book our Nova WaterSkiing activity online and let us know your time of arrival to Kuşadası. We will arrange for everything from comfortable hotel transfers, necessary equipments, safety gears and expert instructions to help you enjoy this incredible experience. Once you experience this exciting game, we are sure you love to come back here again and again. Such is the thrilling experience that you’ll get from this fascinating watersport.

We provide professional assistance from our experts and ensure that you get all the necessary training and safety gears before venturing into the waters.

Our towboat riders are experts who have been helping visitors enjoy water skiing in a safe environment. The driver rides the towboat with proper technique required for a successful skiing; he always has an eye on the rider and gives you signals on every move. You can make signals to make the boat slower, faster, take a turn or to fall at the end of your skiing. We will help you to learn proper signaling; provide you the safety gears, equipments and an initial training to use them before venturing into the waters. We make sure that everything goes as per the plan and you take home the best possible experience from here. You are free to choose your tour itinerary from all the available water sporting activities at the center.

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Wakeboard, which is preferred because it is fun as well as working the whole body, is easier and safer than other extreme sports. Turkey and in many parts of the world it is possible to experience the latest technology this summer sports facilities.

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  • 125€ / 30 Min.


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